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Reformata semper reformanda

Reformed, always reforming.  Although this statement became the motto for the Protestant Reformation, it continues to express a bedrock principle that guides faithful Christian thought and practice today.  My hope is to embody this principle as I attempt to embody a Great Tradition Christianity within my own faith community.

My amazing wife, Sara, and I have been married since May, 2004, and we have three preciously precocious little boys.  She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and I am an Instructor of New Testament in Interpretation and PhD Candidate at Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY.  My research interests lie at the intersection of New Testament studies, theological anthropology, and contemporary gender theory.  My academic goal is to outline a Christian approach to gender theory (a “canonical-discursive” approach) that coordinates the experience of New Covenant believers living in anticipation of the spiritual consummation of all things with the cultural phenomenon of multiform gender identities.

I am a ministry associate of The Sight Ministry, an organization based in Nashville, TN, and am also a member of the board of directors and traditionalist community liaison of LOVEboldly. I am also completing the manuscript for a book to be published by Zondervan Academic on the subject of LGBT and Christian identity, sanctification, and reconciliation (summer, ’17).

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